Why I Choose to Study Aboard?

Why I Study Aboard? 

I am a senior student who study the Finance major in Iowa State University. In fact, I only need six credits to graduate for next semester. But I choose to study aboard rather than staying in ISU. My reason is very simple. Studying aboard is an amazing adventure in my life.I studied aboard in Peter Collage Program of Oxford University in 2015 and I learnt a lot for how to get an improvement on my academic grade, how to get a good relationship with my classmate, how to communicate with the professor and how to integrate into a new culture and a new environment. This wonderful experience is one of the most important reason why I choose to study Aboard again in next semester.

Why I choose Waseda University Programu=3118068820,4183116573&fm=21&gp=0

For the academic part, because I am a finance major student, I really want to take some finance, management and marketing courses focusing on Japanese business system. It can help me to get a deeply understanding for analyzing the difference and seminaries between the US business system and Japanese business system which could give me a new idea about the interaction and balance of the global economic. Except taking some major courses of business, I prefer to take some classes just for fun and my interest. For instance, I really want to learn to write and read Japanese. In my free time, sometimes I will see some Japanese Comic thus I could understand some daily conversation and speak a little bit of Japanese.  If I could stay in a good environment like Waseda University, it is more helpful for me to learn Japanese and may improve the efficiency for learning by making the relationship with other classmates. And I may find some classes talking about the knowledge of fashion design. Japan has many well-known fashion brand and industry and Waseda University locate in Toyota which is the most famous fashion city and large business center. Thus, I definitely could learn some useful and innovative ideas of fashion.

122Moreover, I want to know more about culture and history of the “real” Japan. I have been to Japan several years ago. At that time, I was only a tourist and visited Tokyo with travel agency. I wanner to discover the mystery and beauty by myself. Not the common scene I saw from the online pictures and not the stories I heard from other people. Therefore, I need an opportunity to stay in Japan for a quiet long time. Obviously, studying aboard program is the best choice for me, because I think if you want to understand a real culture of a foreign country are living in that country and making good relationships with the the indigene.  I willing to deeply contact with the local people in Japan and doing the same things as they do, such like attending the traditional Japanese Festival, visiting the famous temple and dressing the Kimono.




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