New Start!

Hi Everyone!

My campus life begin now and there are many things are different from our university. Thus, I think it is a good opportunity for me to write an article to tell you some tips and reminder for the campus life in Waseda University.

We may more interested in the class registration so I will talk this first. After attending the school orientation, you will get a plenty papers that introduce the method for registering  the student ID, net ID, school e-mail , class registration and so on. You just need to listen carefully for the speech. There are often two languages will be using during the orientation, Japanese and English. So, you do not need to worry about you can’t understand. Waseda university staffs will help you to get the health insurance, resident card and open the bank account. But for registering class, you may want to do it in your dorm or at home. I have some tips which may let you become more comfortable to choose and take classes.


Look at this picture! You will use this website all the time. When you get your new Waseda Net ID and password, you click the grades and course registration. The next page will let you get into the class registration page immediately.

What’s the most important thing? You should pay attention on the different registering date for different college. If you add a class which not in your college, you can not cancel that at anytime except the classes are belong to the CJL program. Students will have three period for registration which means you only can add the class only during three specific period of times. The acceptance of  your class application is randomly selected so you can not know the result after each class registration period. The maximum credits are 14 because most of the classes are only worth 2 credits.

I hope these tips can give you a reminder or can help you to consider how to choose classes. See you next time~


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