Hi everyone!

Please see a picture first! This is the map of Waseda Campus and if you are in the SILS program or Business program, you will stay in this campus to take all the classes. 


There are several shops inside of the buildings such like seven-eleven and you could buy the food, drink and snakes. (Eg: No.11, 14, 3 and so on.) Many students will choose to buy the lunch and stationery in the co-op market which has the student coupons. ( Co-op market in the No.7 building)

There is  a big library in the waseda campus. (中央图书馆)You could find almost all the textbooks inside of it. But some of them you only can borrow for 3 days. The normal one you could borrow for 15 days. It is a good place for studying and if you want to have a rest, there is a coffee shop in the first floor. You could relax in that place. 

If you want to do some training in the gym, you need to go to the Toyama campus. The lower part of the map. It need no more than 10 minutes  walking time.  But every student should pay 3000 yen for one year fee of gym, if you want to go, you also need the health test result. So please come to your school office first to ask more details. 

I didn’t go to the school restaurant yet. If I know more about this, I will tell you later. Thanks for reading~


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